• Welcome to the MelaTools
    MelaTools is a research programme that aims to optimise early diagnosis of melanoma
    in primary care in the UK. It is comprised of a set of studies that aim to improve timely diagnosis
    of melanoma through optimisation of GP and patient assessment of pigmented skin lesions
    ('skin lesion' is a medical term for a patch, spot, lump or any other abnormality on otherwise
    normal skin).

The MelaTools programme is funded by National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) as part of a Clinician Scientist award, and it is being conducted by researchers at the University of Cambridge’s Primary Care Unit in collaboration with specialists with expertise in dermatology, plastic surgery, oncology, and Australian primary care cancer research. We also value support from Melanoma Focus, the national charity set up to concentrate efforts in the fight against melanoma.


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